The LinkedIn Level-Up by Marietta Gentles Crawford

The LinkedIn Level-Up

An online workshop on how to quickly learn LinkedIn & write a magnetic profile—and easily attract brand-building, money-making opportunities, in 15-minutes a day.

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Your LinkedIn profile is likely to show up at the top of your Google search results...

I know you KNOW you have to be on LinkedIn. You’ve heard people talk about landing clients and media opportunities just by being on it. 

But LinkedIn feels like the executive floor of social media. And scrolling through faux-humble brags from old coworkers in your feed make you want to run away to a simpler platform where none of that is required, like maybe Instagram (at least it’s not so stiff over there).  

The messages. Notifications. Bells and whistles. It’s all so clunky and confusing. You just don’t understand how to use LinkedIn. And you don’t have time to learn another social media platform.  

But let me ask you this: “What if learning LinkedIn was the difference between searching for clients or building a waitlist because your calendar is booked?”

Suddenly the time invested on LinkedIn could help you gain more than you thought, right? 

But you're not sure where to start. 

It's not too late to learn how to use LinkedIn, write an attention-grabbing profile that positions you as a credible expert, and do the bare minimum needed to attract clients without tricky, icky, sales hacks.

Imagine how easy it would be to leverage LinkedIn if...

  • You had a clear strategy that only required 15 minutes a day.
  • You gained 4+ new clients per month and consistently attracted new subscribers to your email list, without using cold sales techniques. 
  • People were inspired to reach out to you and ask about your services after finding your profile.
  • Your news feed was filled with an engaged audience and targeted content.  
  • You transformed your profile from boring to brilliant and stood out as an expert in your industry. 


Inside this training, I'll guide you through...
  • The exact strategies I use when writing creative, magnetic, brand-differentiating profiles for my 1:1 clients.
  • My simple 15-minute formula that'll help you attract your ideal clients, without losing hours on social media.
  • What to focus on—and not to focus on—to make your LinkedIn presence work for your goals (whether you plan to make it your main social media platform or not).
  • The "7-second Woo" Technique that'll instantly make your profile more click-worthy.
  • Profile makeover examples and writing tips that'll help you make your profile read less like an obituary.  
  • Marketing strategies for turning your profile into a client magnet (like a human). 
  • How to experience a newfound appreciation for LinkedIn as you learn why you need a powerful presence there.
Plus bonus checklists and cheat sheets that'll save you time learning LinkedIn and leverage it to attract more opportunities with ease. 

Here’s the thing: People are checking you out online...

And they’re going to bump into your LinkedIn profile like an ex catching you make a quick "sure hope no one sees me" trip to Walgreens. You might as well hop on the boat and show up in your Sunday (or Friday night) best. 

Meet Your Instructor...

Hey there, I’m Marietta Gentles Crawford—a personal brand strategist, copywriter, and author. Before taking the big leap to start my own business, MGC Ink, I worked within Fortune 500 companies for 15+ years as a corporate trainer and writer.  

I credit my small but engaged LinkedIn network for helping me elevate my personal brand, which has led to landing high-profile article features on websites like Forbes, The Muse, Inc., Fast Company, and Thrive Global. In fact, a $5 billion company hired me as a keynote speaker because the director “found” me on LinkedIn (yup, true story!).

My mission is to help YOU create a powerful digital footprint with your brilliant ideas so you can build your authority online, connect with your people, and profit from your profile.


Marietta wrote a LinkedIn profile for me that made me look professional and told my story with great impact. In fact, during our time working together, I landed a feature of my business and story on  Marietta’s LinkedIn coaching was superb, and I’m more than happy with her work. She is very patient and a joy to work with. I highly recommend Marietta if you need help building your personal brand on LinkedIn!
~Shirley Yearwood

Marietta gets it! As a small business owner or personal brand, you are short on time and really don’t want to start “another social media platform,” But here is the thing with her smart tips and savvy guides and cheat sheets you can make meaningful connections in minimal time vs. the HOURS you may waste on other platforms. You can’t afford to NOT book a session with her now. Get the insider knowledge on how LinkedIn can have a big impact on your business with less time (and stress) of other platforms.
~Chef Carla Contreras

I cringed every time LinkedIn notified me that someone was looking at my profile – I hadn’t fooled with it in years and didn’t know where to begin. Enter Marietta who swoops in, gives me everything I need to know, follows up with feedback and supports me with material to reference later. She knows what she’s doing, does not leave her people hanging, AND is a total delight to work with. She saved me so much time, people started engaging with me immediately, and now I have a LinkedIn game! Can’t recommend Marietta enough.
~Caroline Mays


What's the difference between your workshop and the other ones out there?

I get it! It seems like there are so many LinkedIn experts, gurus, and Jedi masters out there lately. The material in this training includes a mix of personal branding and writing techniques. Plus, you'll get guidance based on my experience leveraging my small LinkedIn network to land big clients, speaking engagements, and media opportunities. 

“Will this workshop help me if I'm not a business owner?”

This training is for people who want to leverage LinkedIn effectively to grow their brands. So, whether you're an entrepreneur, small business owner, consultant, freelancer, career professional, or gecko (they have brands too, right?) you'll find value in this training.

The LinkedIn Level-Up will make learning the ropes ridiculously easy so you know exactly where to start—and cash in on LinkedIn this year.